EFMC International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry

 Athens, Greece    September 1-5, 2019

Confirmed Exhibitors


Advion’s nearly three-decade dedication to serving scientists yields customer-focused life science solutions. Our deep scientific, engineering and customer workflow knowledge spawns an unrivaled solution portfolio. We work directly with, train, and passionately advocate for our customers to ensure their success. Dedicated to Science – Dedicated to You. Visit www.advion.com.

Chemical Abstracts Service

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), a division of the American Chemical Society, is the world’s authority for chemistry and related information. CAS provides the reliable information resources, technology and expertise needed at every step of your innovation process to help your organization move forward faster.

ChemBridge Corporation

ChemBridge is a provider of advanced chemistry support for discovery research programs. Services include the provision of high quality diverse screening compounds & macrocycles, building blocks for small molecule synthesis and custom synthesis for hit-to-lead, lead expansion and lead optimization phases of discovery research programs.


Use Cresset to find the best molecules for your project. Discover, design and optimize small molecules: unrivalled insight into your protein-ligand systems; outstanding visualization and multi-parameter optimization; biologically relevant searches of millions of compounds. Use our ligand-based and structure-based software in-house, or our scientists to work alongside your team.


A competitive chemical supplier of reagent and building blocks for research and development to the pharmaceutical companies, universities and those performing contract research. Home of the new search facility “Doug Discovery”. Come and ask for a demo alternatively check it out yourself at www.dougdiscovery.com.


Over the last 17 years GalChimia has become a reference in chemical synthesis. The company counts with a great team of experts that share the same passion for chemistry. Together with our client, we will design, evaluate and develop new routes of synthesis for their challenging compounds.


Inte:Ligand is the scientific leader in developing modern scientific software solutions with intuitive interfaces. Scientists worldwide in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agrochemical, and nutrition industries trust our expert algorithms  and research services that support molecule design & discovery, target and toxicity predictions, hit finding, hit-triaging, lead-optimization, and de-risking candidate molecules.

Jubilant Biosys Ltd.

Jubilant Biosys Ltd.  offers a wide range of synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry services, from mg to multi-kg scale, in non-GMP or GMP grade to serve the discovery, clinical development and commercialization stages of drugs. We are a subsidiary of Jubilant Life Sciences ($1,310MM Corporation) providing innovative drug discovery services.


MercachemSyncom is the leading mid-sized European drug-discovery CRO for solving your chemistry challenges, from small to medium-sized molecule hits, to the first GMP batches of identified clinical candidates. We blend vast scientific knowledge with inventiveness to make great leaps on your behalf. We go further to unlock new potential.


NovAliX is a drug discovery-focused CRO with several unique technologies highly proficient in chemistry and biophysics. The company has set up one of the world’s most comprehensive biophysics platforms. Our commitment and reliability are much appreciated by a worldwide client base. Our pioneering services include cryo-EM & highly cost competitive custom synthesis.


Optibrium develops pioneering software solutions for drug design, optimisation and data analysis.  Its lead product, StarDrop, is a comprehensive suite of integrated software enabling the seamless flow from latest data to predictive modelling and decision-making regarding the next round of synthesis and research, improving speed, efficiency, and productivity of discovery.

Sapala Organics

Sapala Organics Private Limited specializes in taking up Research assignments involving the synthesis of High Value Low Volume organic compounds in the field of Medicinal, Nucleic acid and Material chemistry. Sapala focuses on early R&D to drug discovery programme to cost effective process development for manufacturing of chemical entities as Full Time Equivalent (FTE) & Fee for Service (FFS) models.


Schrödinger is a leading provider of advanced molecular simulations and enterprise software solutions that accelerate and increase the efficiency of drug discovery and materials design. Founded in 1990, Schrödinger has nearly 400 employees and operations across the world. For more information, please visit www.schrodinger.com.


SpiroChem AG is a Swiss premium CRO. We are the world leaders on bioisosteric switch concepts. With a unique repertoire of building blocks, fragment based libraries and cutting-edge know-how in drug design & process chemistry, we are the ideal collaboration partner to outsource your custom synthesis and your Drug Discovery programs.


Springer is a leading global academic publisher, providing researchers in academia, scientific institutions and corporate R&D departments with quality content through innovative products and services. Springer has one of the strongest STM and HSS eBook collections and archives, and a comprehensive range of hybrid and open access journals. Visit www.springer.com.

Syngene International

Syngene International Ltd. (BSE: 539268, NSE: SYNGENE, ISIN: INE398R01022), is an innovation focused global discovery, development and manufacturing organization providing integrated scientific services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutrition, animal health, consumer goods and specialty chemical industries around the world. For more details, visit www.syngeneintl.com.

Sygnature Discovery

Sygnature Discovery, a leading integrated drug discovery CRO, offers a range of services across medicinal and computational chemistry, in vitro and in vivo pharmacology as well as DMPK. Since 2011, 29 compounds discovered by Sygnature have entered pre-clinical development; so far, 14 of these have progressed to clinical trials.

Synple Chem

Synple Chem is a developer of new organic synthesis technologies. Our automated capsule-based synthesizers work analogously to capsule coffee makers - simply add the starting material and a commercially available, single-use, disposable reagent capsule, then with a single touch of a button, the product is generated, isolated and purified!


UBE offers customized manufacturing solutions with intermediates and APIs to the pharmaceutical industry under GMP. Moreover, UBE can provide the fluorination technology and fluorine products (FLUOLEADTM and Pentafluoro-sulfanyl(SF5). We are the sole supplier providing an innovative nucleophilic fluorinating agent FLUOLEADTM and several building blocks SF5 compounds for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.